With Clovercroft Publishing, there's much more that happens than just getting your book published and then printed. Here are some examples of the things that we and our authors do:


Some of our authors are able to land interviews on TV like Charlotte Benke did on ABC news.


Jack Watts worked with narrator Jamie Renel to get an audio version of his book made that is now sold on Amazon's Audible platform.

All throughout the year, Clovercroft heads out to events and conventions all across the United States. Here's is a photo of Larry at our booth we had at the May 2016 BEA show in Chicago, IL.

One of our authors, Jeremy Scott, has a YouTube channel with over six million subscribers. So, when his book was coming out, he released a video on his channel that was a sort of trailer for the book. It includes an interview with him describing the story in the book and it's all done in the usual style of his other videos.

Another show that we go to with out other imprint, Carpenter's Son Publishing, is the Munce trade show. One picture is of our booth in 2016 and then our larger booth in 2017.


One of our authors, Peggy Barons, did an interview on ABC's Morning Blend for her book and box combo The Little Christmas Angel. You can see her full interview HERE.


Peggy then went on to do an interview with The CatholicTV Network. She discussed how she came up with the idea of her book and also the process of getting the book made, including the shift from using a traditional publisher and then switching to Clovercroft Publishing.

Movies, TV shows, and video games are not the only things with trailers. Some of our authors do trailers for their book and Randy Dockens did this for his book T.H.B. and you can check out his trailer here:


Another author of ours, Wayne Faust, went with a different approach to his book trailer. There's no right or wrong way, just the way that you want, and that's what we deliver on.

Luisa Ward went on to channel 8 news to do an interview about he book, The Bridge

Luisa Ward went on to channel 8 news to do an interview about he book, The Bridge